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SRI LANKA: What is holding up discussion on ISGA?: Update 69.

Paper No. 241                                          01/10/2004

by Dr. S. Chandrasekharan

In our  update 67 dated 8th August, we had made a suggestion that the GOSL (Government of Sri Lanka) should relent from their position and talk on the ISGA proposals rather than continuing the stalemate. The GOSL may have reservations on the details and so de we ( see our update 52 and paper 1115), but as pointed out, accepting to talk on ISGA proposals does not amount to accepting the proposals as such.

NEPAL: Disaster at Kalikot for the Army- its significance

Paper No. 272                                                      12/08/2005

by Dr. S. Chandrasekharan

Did India Miss Out on World Economic Expansion of 80s & 90s?

Paper No. 724                                                      27/06/2003

Guest Column: by Hari Sud

Can India Regain its Lost Glory?

Paper No. 747                                                       17/06/2004

Guest Column:  By Rajesh Tembarai Krishnamachari


Paper No. 1030                                                          17/06/2004

Guest Column-by. Gaurang Bhatt


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