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ALLAMA IQBAL- The founder of Muslim politics in the Indian Subcontinent

Paper No. 895                                        15/01/2004

by R.Upadhyay

The Ghost of Muslim League- Still haunting?

Paper No. 865                                            19/12/2003

by R.Upadhyay.

PAKISTAN-No Guardian Angel Of Indian Muslims!

Paper No. 854                                              05/12/2003

Guest Column-by  Brig (Retd) VRP Sarathy

Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI)

Paper No. 825                                               30/10/2003

by R.Upadhyay.

Historical Background:

INDIAN MUSLIMS - Victims of vote-baiting attitude of political parties

Paper No. 767                                                 19/08/2003

by R. Upadhaya 


Paper No. 743                                           23/07/2003

by B. Raman, CAMP US 

The high-profile visit of Maulana Fazlur Rahman, the controversial leader of the Jamiat-ul-ulema Islam (JUI) of Pakistan,   to India and the attention accorded to him in governmental and non-governmental circles in New Delhi are being viewed by many India-watchers in the US with a mix of bewilderment and concern. 

MADRASA EDUCATION IN INDIA- Is it to sustain medieval attitude among Muslims?

Paper No. 730                                      02/07/2003

by R.Upadhyay.


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