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Peoples Republic of China’s Policy towards Overseas Chinese

Paper No. 5283                                                     Dated 7-Nov-2012                                           

Guest Column by V. Suryanarayan

Bangla Begum’s India Visit: Real or Ephimeral?

Paper No. 5281                                                    Dated 6-Nov-2012

By Bhaskar Roy

Can ideology and political agenda change overnight? At least, that is the message Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) Chairperson and former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia carried when she arrived in India on October 28 for an eight-day visit.

Begum Zia came at the invitation of the Government of India.  There have been some comments that this is a change in India’s Bangladesh strategy.  This is not correct.

Decoding China’s Core Interests

Paper No. 5280                                                 Dated 6-Nov-2012

By B. Raman

China:Not the Time for Political Experimentation

Paper No. 5279                                     Dated 3-Nov-2012


On Eve of CPC Congress, China examines its Digital Image

Paper No. 5278                                            Dated 3-Nov-2012

By B.Raman

Will Hu Jintao Emulate Jiang and Retain Control of PLA after Party Transition?

Paper No. 5276                                                    Dated 31-Oct-2012

By B.Raman

Sri Lanka: A look at the Rajapaksas prior to the UPR

Paper No. 5273                                   Dated 29-Oct-2012

Guest Column:  By Usha Sriskandarajah

As Sri Lanka’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) gets underway on November 1, 2012, the Rajapaksas seem impregnable, their grip on power stronger than ever before.


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