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“India’s Look East Policy, Act East and South China Sea: Politico-Strategic Dynamics

Paper No. 5603                                       Dated 14-Nov-2013

By Dr Subhash Kapila

(The Paper was presented by the author at the “5th International Conference on South China Sea: Cooperation for Regional Security and Development” on November 11 2013 at Hanoi, Vietnam. The Conference was attended by over 35 international strategic and legal analysts including China)             

 Introductory Observations

VIETNAM: Prime Minister’s Keynote Address at Shangri-La Dialgue 2013, Singapore

Paper No. 5502                                        Dated 03-Jun-2013

By Dr. Subhash Kapila

Introductory Observations

The Shangri-La Dialogue is an annual event held at Singapore for the last twelve years or so now.


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