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Rohingya Muslims

Myanmar-The Rohingya Conundrum: Regional Implications:

Paper No. 6298                                           Dated 3-Sept-2017
By Dr. S.Chandrasekharan
On the night of 24th August, Rohingyan militants staged a coordinated attack on 30 Police posts that cover more than 24 villages around Maungdaw.  They also tried unsuccessfully to storm an Army Base. The attackers held only a few small arms, machetes and home made explosive bombs but no sophisticated weapons.

Serial blasts in Bodh Gaya: Comments

Paper No. 5526                                           Dated 09-Jul-2013

Col. R. Hariharan

Here is a summary of answers given to print and electronic media questions on the serial blasts in Bodh Gaya on Sunday July 7, 2013.

What is your take on the serial blasts in Bodh Gaya, although the police seem to have had timely alerts before they occurred?

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