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PM Narendra Modi

India and the Blue Seas – Breaking from the Past

Paper No. 5900                                 Dated 25-Mar-2015

By Bhaskar Roy

Finally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has succeeded in breaking the frozen mindset of the Indian foreign policy establishment which was used to sweeping challenges under the carpet.

Sri Lanka: Time to shake up Sri Lanka’s “business as usual” with India - Update No. 247

Note No.  721                                          Dated 17-Jul-2014

By Col. R. Hariharan

(This article contains excerpts from a media interview given by the author on August 16, 2014.)

India Regains Perception as Potential Global Player under the New Prime Minister

Paper No. 5725      Dated 13-Jun-2014

By Dr Subhash Kapila

In two weeks of India’s new Prime Minister Modi taking his oath, it seems that ‘All Roads Lead to New Delhi’ reinforcing the belief that in international relations, perceptions count, especially when a bold and decisive Prime Minister takes over.

Prime Minister Modi’s opening moves of inviting SAARC leaders of the Indian Sub-Continent for his swearing-in ceremony were bold and imaginative moves welcomed regionally and globally.

India’s Foreign Policy Opportunities and Challenges in Mid-2014

Paper No. 5719                                         Dated 06-Jun-2014

By Dr Subhash Kapila

India’s foreign policy opportunities and challenges in mid-2014 under the leadership of India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi will expectedly acquire bold and audacious contours dispelling the earlier ten years of appeasement and timidity.

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