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Xi Jinping

Politics of China’s Military Reorganization

Paper No. 6092                                Dated 30-Mar-2016

By Bhaskar Roy

China: Current Complex Domestic Situation

Paper No. 6082                                 Dated 02-Mar-2016

By D. S. Rajan

There is no need to emphasize the need for the outside world to know about what is happening inside China, the second largest economy in the world and a rising power with enormous political and military clout globally.

Grand Strategy

A Tale of China’s Corruption and its Political use

Paper No. 6075                                   Dated 11-Feb-2016

By Bhaskar Roy

Corruption among Chinese officials and Communist Party cadres has always been a problem.  In more recent years the situation had become acute.  Young people were joining the party to get advantage over non-party members in jobs, promotions and plum postings.  The fact that corruption was present in the top echelons made the fight against this scourge even more difficult.

China: Imminent Grant of “Core” Leader Status to Xi Jinping?

Paper No. 6070                                  Dated 03-Feb-2016

By D. S. Rajan


China: Divergence of Opinion on the Party’s Status Vis- a-Vis the Military and the State Constitution

Paper No. 6049                                 Dated 28-Dec-2015

By D. S. Rajan

China: Personality Cult Growing around Xi Jinping?

Paper No. 6047                                  Dated 14-Dec-2015

By D. S. Rajan

As the end of the third year of China’s top leader Xi Jinping’s ascension to power approaches and a new year is to usher in,   one does not fail to see the regularly appearing evidence pointing towards not so concealed efforts to boost the image of the already all powerful leader, touching all key fields like ideology, politics, economy and military.

China: Increasing Concerns over Corrupt, Undisciplined and Reforms-wary Cadres

Paper No. 6001                                   Dated 03-Sept-2015

By D. S. Rajan

Discernible in China since January 2015, is a trend pointing towards increasing concerns of the central leadership over corrupt, undisciplined and reforms-wary cadres, particularly at senior levels. Confirming it are important speeches being given by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) General Secretary Xi Jinping on different occasions, certain official documents and comments regularly appearing in the party and state controlled media.


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