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South China Sea: United States Must Pre-Empt Gathering Storm

Paper No. 5937                                Dated 25-May-2015

By Dr Subhash Kapila

South China Sea is witnessing a gathering strategic storm unleashed by China’s brazen brinkmanship to gain full-spectrum dominance over this maritime expanse with a new strategy of creating man-made ‘Artificial Islands ‘besides its illegal military occupation of Paracel and Spratly Islands groups.

US-Japan New Defence Cooperation Guidelines Contributes to Asian Security

Paper No. 5923                                 Dated 4-May-2015

By Dr Subhash Kapila

US-Japan New Guidelines for Defence Cooperation released on April 27 2015 marks the momentous advent of Japan asserting the right of collective self-defence as part of its National Security Strategy and Japan’s readiness in conjunction with the United States to play a proactive role in Asian security.

Next phase of the U.S. Pivot to Asia: Responses from China

Paper No. 5917                               Dated 19-Apr-2015

Guest Column by Prof. B. R. Deepak

Just before setting off to his visit to Japan, South Korea and the US Pacific Command in Honolulu between April 8 and 11, the US Secretary of Defence, Ashton Carter while delivering a speech at Arizona State University’s McCain Institute on April 6, 2015 said that he was ‘personally committed to overseeing the next phase of the rebalance, which will deepen and diversify the US engagement in the region.’

Iran Regains Primacy in United States Middle East Strategic Calculus

Paper No. 5898                                 Dated 23-Mar-2015

By Dr Subhash Kapila

Iran seems to be regaining its earlier primacy in the United States Middle East strategic calculus in light of US contemporaneous moves, notwithstanding the nuclear issue.

Britain and United States Flawed Assessments on Pakistan’s Strategic Utility

Paper No. 5895                                Dated 16-Mar-2015

By Dr Subhash Kapila

The single-most striking feature of foreign policy formulations on South Asia of Britain and the United States are their flawed assessments on Pakistan’s strategic utility to their respective national security interests, singly and jointly.

Indian Ocean: China-India-US Jostling for Power; cases of Sri Lanka and Maldives

Paper No. 5878                               Dated 23-Feb-2015

By D. S. Rajan

The strategic importance of the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), providing major sea routes for world commerce, connecting East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, with Europe and Americas is growing day by day.

Global Security Management: Which “G-2” Will the Global Community Prefer?

Paper No. 5868                                 Dated 09-Feb-2015

By Dr Subhash Kapila

The global community would prefer a G-2 combination of the United States and Russia, a combination which held world peace throughout the tumultuous Cold War era. However the United States prefers a G-2 combination of USA and China.


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